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I love taking photos, like really love them. A friend took incredible ones at our wedding and suddenly I was hooked! I love the gift of pictures and the emotions they can invoke.

I believe everyone should have a set of great affordable photos, at some point in their life, to put on their wall and mantle piece.

From the creative planning, helping people feel comfortable in the moment and the technical side of photography- I am energised! I find it a fun mesh of joy and creative expression.

​A number of years ago I was ill with many days I could not sit up or even watch tv never mind venture out in the world. On good days I would try and take some photos. As I got stronger, and had a lot of great therapy (really recommend EMDR: toughest thing I ever did but the most difference!) I managed to start taking even more and haven’t stopped!

My great friends, patient husband, cuddly dog and my faith really got me through to a stage: in 2020 I launched my website and am loving every second of it!

​I now how 2 super young boys and a number of weddings under my belt and wouldn't change a thing!

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