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Lydia's Guide to Photography on Your Wedding Day

You may have lots or not much experience of what we photograph on a wedding day. I have a full guide I have developed (available on request) but here is a taster of the type of shots you could get or would want to think about


Getting Ready

I like to get at least an hour with you beforehand

Specific shots include: 

  • Zipping up dress

  • Makeup

  • Reveal to Dad/ Bridesmaids


The Details

Jewellery, Flowers, invitations. Things your friends have made you or heirlooms passed on



  • Often done with a second shooter or if I can organise to go before I visit the bride/ meet at the church

  • Usually a mix of artsy getting ready but also capturing the fun fit with your friends

  • Prompts such as running after them/ doing a fake groom reveal is always great



  • Individual portraits taken before the ceremony or afterwards

  • I like getting photos playing with the light 

  • Can find a place that is special to you or shows off your favourite features



​Wherever you have a ceremony it may look like this:

  • Bride & bridesmaids walking up the isle

  • Vows

  • Exchangeof the rings

  • The first Kiss

  • Readings/ Poems

  • Signing of the register

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​Churches can be important for you to have your wedding in, whether you attend their/ your parents have. Let me know who is involved in helping make it work on the day so I make sure I don't miss any shots!

  • Prayers, worship

  • Please Note: Church’s often have rules that I have to abide to around where I can go and no flash so my photography kit is designed especially around this

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Town Halls

  • Town Halls can vary their rules on photography so its always good to check before hand- they may also be able to recommend lovely spots for photos!




  • Getting good round biodegradable confetti (I have recommendations if you are interested) Personally I don't think you can ever have enough! 

  • Having nominated friends to give out confetti​

  • Walking slowly and enjoying yourselves! Even take a spin



  • I like having a bit of fun with the formals and groups. For standing and smiling ones, I would recommend maximum of 10 different group shots (with parents/ grandparents) as more than this usually causes your smile to fade!

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Group Shots

  • For groom/ bridesmaids ones its always fun to do a bit of a creative throw/ pose/ a slow walk forward that people usually really like having. 


Golden Hour

The hour before the sun sets when the light is at its most “Golden”. 

  • I will research sunset times and locations if this is something you would like and we will do a quick sneak-off to catch the light (Weather always permitting though!)

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Couple Shoot

  • These I will work with you to help make you the most comfortable and that the photos reflect YOU as a couple

  • Whether that’s a location that we/ you have scouted before, something that means something special to you

  • Geting you to have some light prompts to laugh and feel relaxed

  • Some for the “Wow” factor because you really do look great. Some a bit lovey-dovey (if that’s what you would like!) 



  • All the emotion, the laughs and the cheers

  • I will take pictures from different angles including:  

    • speech makers

    • Peoples reactions

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Candids are my jam! These little moments make the wedding day: 

  • the laughing, 

  • the reactions

  • the chatting

  • the little looks between each of you

  • I love doing these and make a lot of time to do them. If you have a second shooter then they will also be tasked to make sure we don’t miss any moments if we are off doing a couple shoot/ so we can be in more places at once!



  • To some people (like my husband)- food is very important! Often skill of many great people involved. Pictures can include: 

  • Special cake arrangements

  • Favourite desserts

  • Anything specific you would like

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The Cake

  • Beautiful Cakes often deserve their own photo!

  • A traditional photo for the day usually involves cutting the cake